Israel B-2 Work Visa Process

Do you want to know about the Israel visa process? Read this article, and you will gather useful information regarding the B-2 visa process.

Israel’s B-2 visa is a permit to enter Israel and stay there for three months regarding the purposes that include: tourism, business, and studying. A B-2 is the most common Israeli visa, but it does not allow you to work here.

A B-2 visa is valid for only three months from the date of issue. The border police will determine the duration of your stay in Israel. Anyone who wishes to extend his/her visa should submit an application at one of the regional population offices to the Ministry of the Interior administration.

To enter Israel, you need to apply for a B-2 visitor’s visa by completing several requirements and procedures set by Israel's authorities. Israeli Law provides only the B-2 visa category for both business travelers and tourists. The individual who seeks to travel to Israel for business must obtain an entry visa from the Israeli authorities with jurisdictions over his residence.

The third category to get a B-2 visa for studying in Israel also requires permission from the Interior Ministry administrations to continue education in the state. You will be summoned to attend an interview regarding your visa application by the Israeli embassy, to whom you will submit the required documents.

First Step: Visa Application

Start your visa application process by completing the B-2 visitor’s visa application form to Israel. Ask for the form from the embassy or download it from the internet. Keep one thing in mind that the form differs depending upon the visa type, so make sure that you have got the right one for you; otherwise, your application can get canceled. Answer all the questions that are asked (your name, nationality, occupation, attach your image) to clear your intentions regarding your trip to Israel.

You will get your B-2 visa; if your application gets approved, the MOI will instruct the relative embassy to issue the visa. There are cases as well in which some security clearance processes can cause a delay in your visa.

Second Step: Consular Processing

The issued B-2 visa will be valid for a single person for up to three months only. A special security clearance depending upon the individual’s nationality, is processed with the MOI's instructions.

Third Step: Visa Extension

Some extra tips are always handy when traveling to another country. As your stay in Israel is only up to 3 months, you also have a visa extension option while staying there. So to extend your visa, you need to apply to the Population Authority office.

You need to state why you want to make a visa extension, i.e., medical emergency or legal proceedings. If you get an extension, it will be only up to 3 more months.

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