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The Ministry of Interior in 2015 issued a full- procedure for foreign specialists who are in a field that does not require any qualification and academic education like a mechanical installer, welder, equipment installer, and various other jobs that does not require any certificate of education just like a precondition for any higher education in an academic institution.

Still, on the other hand, it requires expertise. The whole process of getting a work permit include the following steps:

We have garnered years of experience working with foreign companies, NGOs, commercial clients from outside Israel,

  1. Applying for a B-1 work visa at the Ministry of Interior's local branch to be lined for processing at the Israeli consulate in the Country of origin.
  2. The submission of a detailed application for a Work Permit to the Ministry of Interior describing the project, conditions of employment, the need for proficiency, and more. The application must meet the Ministry of Interior's strict requirement and include, inter alia, the approval by an Israeli lawyer approving the labor contract's compatibility to Israeli law.
  3. The issuance of a temporary B-1 Work visa by the Israeli consulate in the expert's country of origin before entering Israel.
  4. After the applicant enters into Israel, he will be issued a B-1 work visa for the entire period of the work permit.

This step will occur when the expert goes through border control at Ben Gurion Airport or after entering the Ministry of the interior's relevant branch.

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The lowest wage for an expert is twice the average wage. The Ministry of Interior may issue a conditional approval. The employer will have to open a local Israeli bank account to transfer salaries and deposit a big amount of money to assure Israel's individual departure.

This type of work permit is valid for 1 year from the application approval’s date. To extend the permit employer can apply for an additional year, along with the required documents.

Usually, the maximum to stay in Israel for work and residence is like 5 years and almost 3 months since the day of employment.

This work permit is valid for only a single entry. Hence, the employer must require to see work permit’ issuance that is valid for your multiple entries (i.e., “A Multiple Entry Visa”) and which will allow the expert to leave and enter the country for any time along with the temporary work visa. You may not require to repeat the process. Duration of the process: 2-3 months.

Important: Working in Israel for any time without a permit and a B-1 visa in the foreign expert’s passport is a criminal offense. The employer and managers will be expected to face criminal fines, and the person is likely to be deported without returning for 10years.  

מחפשים עורך דין המתמחה בעסקאות מקרקעין, נדל"ן?

עורכי הדין אטיאס ושות' מספקים ייעוץ משפטי מעשי ואיכותי, הרואה לנגד עיניו את צרכיו העסקיים של הלקוח.

משרדנו מספק ללקוחות מעטפת של שירותים משפטיים בתחום העסקי – מסחרי החל משלב הקמת החברה ובאופן שוטף לאחר מכן והכל תוך מקצועיות ויצירתיות.

אין תחליף לשירותים מקצועיים של עורך דין מקרקעין מנוסה עם נסיון רב בעסקאות נדל”ן ומקרעין ובינהם, עסקאות מכר ורכש של נכסים מסחרים, מגרשים ודירות.

בין אם מדובר בעסקת מכירת דירה או רכישת דירה מקבלן או מיד שניה ובין אם מדובר בעסקאות מורכבות אחרות אנו נדאג לאינטרסים שלכם.

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